Upside-Downside World

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The Upside-Down World I know a place that holds the Sky A place where little white clouds lie; The edge is all green as Grass, The middle is as smooth as Glass; And there the round sun makes his Bed; And there a Tree stands on its Head; Sometimes a Bird sits on that Tree; Sometimes it sings a Song to me; And always in that shining place I see a little smiling Face; She nods and smiles; but all the same The Girl down there won’t tell her name! Above from Poetry Nook

The Upside-Downside is an alternate dimension existing in parallel to the human world.

The Upside-Downside exists in a parallel mindset of human minds and even worse they are all on this planet.

So there is an Upside-Downside “World”, and it has existed for thousands of years. The Upside-Downside part is all about control and was and is now being created daily to hide the Right-Side that you were created to live in and be happy. The Upside-Downside is things like the Global Reset where you will own nothing and be happy. The Upside- Downside is a world where we take the jab, pay taxes, and offer up our sons as cannon fodder. The Upside-Downside is a huge mind control game that is fueled mostly by fear. The Upside-Downside World is out in the open, but so normal to most of the population, that it is thought of as the Right-Side. It is so embedded in the minds of most, that anyone that speaks differently is seen as crazy or a nut job. Perhaps they see the author as a nut job? Perhaps you?

The Upside-Downside world has been used by governments, kings, and those that think they have the answer to everything. It has been hugely apparent the last few years. It’s all over the planet, especially in places like Australia, Austria, Germany and France, Canada, and of course here in the US. China is the worst and is the template to be copied.

But all this is changing and the human mind is starting to see what is really happening. As in one of my previous blogs, Evil is now in your face. And the faces of evil and control all have a name and will not be forgotten when the world wakes up and then comes for those who run the Upside-Downside world. I have a feeling that this will happen very soon. The Great Global Reset has failed. The global warming CO2 thing has failed. The Jab that is killing our children and family members will soon fail and those that have a face in all of this will be remembered. If you killed my child or mother or wife with your evil jab I will remember you and the global awakening will be coming for you. I am sure that there will be all kinds of candy that will be offered, but that will fail as well. Soon it will be all over, and the Upside world will take its form.

It is happening now. People are seeing the power of the little two-letter word NO.

People will soon see their grocery stores empty. People will soon realize that the jab has damaged and killed all that have taken it. They will see all those who push it in Black and White. They will remember what they are going through. They will awaken to the failed financial system and the huge amounts of inflation because of all the money printing. It will be a nasty few years of awakening but it will happen. You can see it happening all over the place, and the Upside-Downside people are running like rats. They have been seen and we know their names. They are quickly hiding. They are no longer running for office. They are building and hiding in their bunkers. They are selling their stock. Evil is in our faces and this time we see where it came from. These Upside-Downside people are becoming afraid, even from their own black evil shadows.

What is coming will not be fun and will perhaps take years of pain before it is all over.

There is only one real solution for this and that is to become awake and live in the Upside-World. Getting through all of this requires water, food, health, protection, community, and a large amount of love.

Remember that the whole universe was created for you, and you own every part and bit and atom of it.


This is the end of this blog for Sunday of January 23rd. 2022

Remember to: Get some seeds and start a garden
Love and take care of yourself, family, and your neighbors
Take care of those who have less than you do.

Dennis in Central Texas

(C) The Grand Solar Minimum Prepper 2022

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