Usher in a new world

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A new day will usher in a new world

Usher in a new world

The new world will start with evil, but the end will be something the very opposite. This end is up to as many of us as possible to make it that way. It will not happen until we want it.

Most people live in a world of their own with short trips out into reality. It’s a painful thing and most quickly return to the little world of their own making. Strangely, what is perceived as reality is not reality at all, but a deep dark web of darkness spread out over the human race. This dark web has never been stronger than today. It has encased us with fear and evil discourse. The truth is hidden from us. All of this is slowly preventing rational thought. What is seen as perceived reality is the knowledge that most don’t even know that they don’t know. It has become that bad.

The world and a large portion of its population are slowly losing its moral framework and compass. Most of those who know what reality is, often submit themselves back into this lost framework. The more they submit, the harder it will be to return.

I have often thought about what I would say I someone asked me to write down my definition or list out what makes up reality. One of the problems is that we live in two realities, one physical and one spiritual. Most have lost the idea of a spiritual one, and their physical reality is of their own making based on what they want and has been told. It is a monumental problem to drag them kicking and screaming out of their physical one and almost impossible to drag them into a reality (spiritual) that they do not know of.

How does someone present this to anyone above so that they might think about it? I suspect that they will present a stone wall that you or anyone else will not be able to scale.

The following is my reality, perhaps yours are different but after starting the list it became so long I concluded that it could not be finished. So I decided to list the things people aren’t and shouldn’t do or things to think about.

  • Slaves, rulers, or kings – This usually happens by force.
  • Female or male when we are genetically male or female.
  • All people are the same – We are born with our particular skills, mental abilities, and physical attributes.   
  • Some people are more important than others – Importance is decided by how much one can contribute to others. Otherwise, you are just a burden.
  • Some people know what is best for you – Perhaps when you are young your parents do, and then you grow up.
  • Always follow the consensus – Always question the consensus and the science. Consensus can kill you or drain your bank account.
  • Things never go wrong – The random nature of the universe will always prove this wrong
  • But these are all lies: men have died from time to time and worms have eaten them, but not for love.”  – Love can be wonderful and dangerous, be careful what you do with love.
  • Looks are everything – but only when evaluating dog crap.
  • Happiness – never base your happiness on your unfulfilled expectations.
  • Choices – Chocolate or Vanilla who cares? – Just choose to choose. Life is an almost unending list of choices. Make good ones that please you and others. You can be a random chooser if you want. That seems to confuse everyone as they always seem to need a reason to choose.
  • It’s better to ride the horse in the direction it is going – Do not try to change things that you can’t.
  • An obstacle is just that. – If it’s in your mind it may not be real or you may have to change your mind. If it’s physical go around it if you can.
  • What is always is what is. – What is important is how you are with what is.
  • Things will always work out even if they don’t. – Some things are just that way.
  • Life is like a beautiful rose garden – Roses generally have thorns.
  • If things are not going your way, then you need to look at the way, not the thing. – There are many ways of approaching things, some better than others. Or it just may be the thing?
  • An engram is a unit of cognitive information imprinted on your mind. It’s like when you had a dog when you were a child. Now as an adult when you see a dog and you want to purchase dog food!  Engrams can be dangerous or modify your mental health. Engrams can be modified so they don’t play out or be triggered.
  • Being alive – on a cold sunny day, you realize that one side of your body is warm and the other side is cold.
  • Being alive – realizing that you do not care that your cell phone needs a battery.
  • Being alive – realizing that people are mostly afraid of you when you look them in their eyes.
  • Being alive – Looking at and talking with someone and not realizing they are black.
  • Being alive – knowing that while eating can be enjoyed, its main purpose is to keep you alive.
  • Knowing things – A thief comes mostly at night because they are afraid of you and the light.
  • Mature – Knowing that you are OK, and it does not take others to know that.
  • Humans can never be wrong – It’s built-in and if you are wrong you will always make it right. So don’t fight it, just know it and get on with your life.

Spiritual Reality

  • No one is counting except God.
  • We are the best thing God ever created.
  • Life is for eternity – don’t waste yours as you only get one attempt at getting it right.
  • Message to Men – When your wife said I do, she just gave you the only life she will ever have, so appreciate it and reward her for her trust.
  • Message to Women – Mostly men are lost and not very emotionally deep as you are. Don’t expect them to feel like you do or see things as you do.  Expecting that all the time may be a waste of time. Just point them in the right direction and all will mostly be OK.
  • We can be the light of the world – We are God’s Glory and like a mirror reflect His great light. Reflect that light upon all those around you. Think like a star in the heavens.
  • The universe was created for all of us – All of it. Every planet, star, galaxy, and the whole universe. Now is the time to take possession.
  • Without Jesus, there will never be peace. – Merge our wills with His and peace will happen.
  • You were created, through and for Jesus.  – We then are His children.
  • Jesus is the King of the universe. – We are his royal children. Kings and Queens in our kingdom which is given to us through inheritance.  
  • God’s Will is summed up in the following words. – Love the Lord God above all things and when you have done that love your neighbor (your brothers and sisters) as you love yourself.
  • The life of your soul is the very breath of God. It resides there as you are the temple of the Holy Spirit.
  • Paying God back. Realizing that God has placed the ability to love in your very being and returning that love is the desire and Joy of God. It’s the full circle of creation.
  • The quickest way to God’s kingdom is through living in the Divine will of Jesus. You can do it the hard way which is through the goodness of YOUR will.
  • When you do good things in and through the Divine Will of Jesus (His will is your will) then that good act has eternal value.  Good things done in your will may be good and may have a reward, but always contain the baggage of a fallen being. When you act in his will, it is Jesus acting through you.

Well, that is enough for this blog. I could write many pages more but enough for now. Now is a good time to pray for this world as it is on the brink of a global war. It is a war that evil people desire so the antichrist will make himself known. Do not fall for this false duplicate of Jesus. He at first will have the look and feel of a real Jesus but will be an imposter. It is a great deception. Many will fall for this deception and will lose their souls in the process. This must happen before the real Jesus returns. First, for a thousand years he will rule in the hearts of man, and then He will come as the Great Judge.

Our present age is coming to an end and is falling away and a new one is appearing. Prepare now in the physical reality we now find ourselfs and in the Spiritual reality that we are God’s children. Seal off your soul and mark your forehead with the cross of Jesus. Do not fear as fear will destroy you. Live in the Joy that comes with living in the will of Jesus.

Of all the things I have written in this blog, I feel that this sums up our physical and spiritual reality:

Paying God back. Realizing that God has placed the ability to love in your very being and returning that love is the desire and Joy of God. It’s the full circle of creation.

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