We are miles up the creek

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Yes, you have the term we are XXXX up the creek without a paddle? That is where we are now and most have no idea that the boat is not a boat but an “End of the world and we don’t know it“. If you are just getting started, you have perhaps 3 to 6 months to change the way you are living and get prepping. Perhaps even less. While I have a crystal ball, I dropped it last week, so I can no longer use it. I am also no prophet so scratch that as well. But I do have eyes to read and ears to hear and I am reading and hearing things I don’t like. Here is what I am seeing:

  • Six, yes $6.00 gas. Perhaps more. Good luck if you are in California.
  • Forty, yes 40% increase in some foods – especially meat and things that use wheat. Take out a loan for a loaf of bread?
  • Fertilizer doubling and not even being available. Farmers out of business or huge reductions in production. If they can afford it, their crops when harvested will not be cheap.
  • If you can grow food, it will be worth more than money.
  • Destruction of the dollar. Well that started in 1913, and a dollar is worth less than 1 cent when compaired to a dollar in 1913. It’s called inflation and is caused by our contries money printing. In 1913, the Federal Reserve was created, and it is not Federal, and has no reserves. It is a monitary slave corporation run by bankers who don’t really care about you, especially when you run out of money. The Federal Reserve has the marachlious ability to create currency out of thin air and then charge you and I for it. Nice business?
  • Looks like Russia is going on the Gold Standard for their currency. Gee, our currency is backed by nothing – thin air, and mostly hot air.
  • Huge amounts of propiganda concerning the war in Ukraine and about Russia.
  • Hove you noticed our agenda – Putin – Bad, Ukraine – Good. Russian oil bad, Our oil – bad too. Darn oil causes CO2 and global warming. Screwed over both ways. Gas – $$$$$$
  • Shipping being shut down globally. Many ports have been shut down because of the Wests not alowing Russian trade. Also by computer hacking.
  • Peeps from big fat ugly, and strange sounding globalist that we may see a huge cyper attack on the global infrastructure.
    While all this is happening, the Super Grand Solar Minimum does not give a flip and will do what it wants. Sorry Gretta!
  • Wow. The EU just got it that there may be food and energy shortages because of their hate Russia agenda.
  • The Globalist think all this is funny and it is working out just like they want.
  • If Germany keep shipping weapons to the Ukraine, they might just receive a Russian arial package for payment.
  • Have you have noticed, the war in the Ukraine is like no other war I have ever seen. If Russia really wanted the Ukraine, they would have had it in two days or perhaps less. I think they are looking for something else there. Perhaps the goods on our present president?

There is one thing else, and that is a black swan event. As I said the Globalists are really happy with what is happening, and all this Bad Russia thing belongs to them. No one is going to profit by cutting Russia from the world except for them. Just one more little thing that takes down the financial and food systems, and they will have their Global Reset that is talked about by all those strange-sounding people who want this. I really think this is where this is all headed, then we can all be happy because we own nothing. then if we are still alive they can pack us into their smart city, and control us completely with all the electronic money that only they can produce. There is one thing though. I am into electronics, WIFI, and IOT (Internet of things), and the world has a long way to go with the IOT. But we do have cell phones, and that can be used quickly.

Now if I could only fix that crystal ball!

Hope you have a nice up-and-coming weekend. Hope nothing else happens. Strange, what a couple of days can do to your life even if you don’t know it yet.

Dennis in Central Texas

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