When will we ever learn?

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Where Have All The Flowers Gone (Pete Seeger Tribute) – Joan Baez – 1994 Kennedy Center Honors Listen HERE.

The answer to that question is perhaps never as very few seem to ask the question and even fewer seem to care or even understand the question.

As a child of the ’60s and watching my friends in school decide to become cannon fodder in the Vietnam war brings back tears as many saw what this war was all about. Me, after finishing school headed into the cold Noth West territories in the hunt for oil and gas.

Being raised up in a loving family, little did I know just how corrupt and evil the world was. I suspect that the Vietnam war and watching my friend leave for what we could only imagine woke me up a bit, but it would take much more and a lifetime of experience to really see the evil of humans and those who chose the dark side to follow. As many of my friends who were able to survive the craziness told me that they had not been able to face what they had gone through and to this day block it all out as something in a story. Others that returned became the experience. They were in Nam and that’s what they were every day. They had lost their humanity and had become their experience. It is with deep sorrow that I think about these people who are mostly dead now and never regained their humanity even to the grave.

But it didn’t stop there. As I traveled north there was oppression there as the native Indians of Canada had seen and experienced the corruptness and oppression of their European oppressors. It’s always the same. A power base allows and pays for the oppression. It’s never those in power that oppress but by their paid useful idiots that love the power of oppression. It’s almost like a sexual perversion to them. The more they oppress, the more joy they get from it.

But what I speak of is nothing new. Men oppress women. Perverts oppress the weak and the young. Like some of the things in the news where women and young boys and girls are used for some really sick things and discarded like a used piece of toilet paper never to be thought about again. Politicians are just as bad as it is all about power and greed.

But what most people don’t realize is like many of my friends who returned from Vietnam don’t want to think about is that we are all that used pieces of toilet paper that are used and then discarded. At that point, then you have no material value and are useless in their minds.

As I have talked about, I had the privilege to travel the world. When I traveled, I was always an observer of the people in that country. My trip to India really hit hard as I spend quite a bit of time there and was exposed to what the European Empire could do to a country. They had left, but what the 1% had left behind were their oppressors. I remember the first time I traveled to India. I had spent the night in about as expensive a hotel as was available.

As I was picked up by my driver, I can remember what I saw on my left and on the right as we sped through the city. On my left were huge shiny buildings that touched the sky. On them were names like IBM, Dell, and other large global corporations. They sparkled in the morning sun. On my left was a different matter. It was a city made up of sticks and plastic bags. People living, eating, and dying on the streets. The difference was so startling that it impressed in my mind something that lingers to this day. India in places smells like an uncleaned bathroom here in the states or worse. But the people, yes the poor people of India are a wonderful lot. Giving, and loving, and doing what they have to do just to survive.

But what I speak of is nothing new to repeat what I have written above. It’s nothing new and When will we ever learn?

Soon, the US and the EU, and Europe will become much like India with plastic bags for houses under freeways. The 1% have just about stolen all there is to steal. Soon it will all come crashing down, and you and I may only have plastic bags between us and the sky.

I suspect that you will say “That’s is just not right” and of course you will be correct. But be careful as you say that, as you may just become one of them just to survive. You could easily be part of the 1%’s useful idiots and oppressors.

Strange things happen to the human mind when they are threatened. Some become even worse than their overlords.

Just look at what happened in Iraq and what the US did to people as they tortured them. Ya good ole homegrown sons and daughters of the US doing such things. Don’t think that happened, well think again. Power always leads to oppression and eventually murder. Murder with laws or guns or power and evil things.

During the early stages of the Iraq War, members of the United States Army and the CIA committed a series of human rights violations and war crimes against detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, including physical and sexual abuse, torture, rape, sodomy, and the killing of Manadel al-Jamadi.

There are many more pictures I could display but won’t.

Humans have always had a leaning toward wars and death. We have always been the 1%’s useful idiots and suppressors. That is exactly what the song says. Young men in uniforms. What is not said is that they are cannon fodder. When will we ever learn?

Man is corrupt and power and money and fame corrupt even more. As I sit here on my computer looking at a cooling August (it will be 89 here in August) next week, I see no hope for humankind except for only one thing. That one thing is Jesus our Savior who will strip away our evil will and replace it with His most loving will. It’s the only way, or we can choose not to. It’s our will and our choice.

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Love your family and neighbors
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