Who are we – What are we?

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To Thine Own Self Be True
This phrase is one of the famous quotes coined by William Shakespeare. In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says:
“This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.
Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”

This brings up the question “Who and what are self”? It is the blog authors’ opinion that the misunderstanding of what self is has caused all the world’s problems, pains, wars, and unhappiness from almost day one. Most, but not all really do not understand who and what they are.

It all starts with labels.

First, you are not a label. Labels can really be used for evil and controlling things and some really wonderful things like “Loving”. Labels can tell things about you, but the problem starts when we start thinking we are a label. The label “Loving” is an attribute, and we are much more than attributes. Much more and much deeper. Some problems with labels are that they separate us and are used to control us. The following are separation labels:

Black, white, Christian, Protestant, Catholic, Moslem, man, woman, Democrat, Republican, bad, good, enemy, ours, yours, us, them, me, you, they, English, Chinese, Mexican, Russian, consumer, killer, evil, and so on.

On the surface, these labels are just that, but in the wrong hands like the governing elite (another label) can be used for all types of manipulation. Labels can be used to generate, stress, hate, anger, and false belief.

Labels can and are used to manipulate people. Labels can be used to create global fear (Chinese Virus) and stress (High Inflation and nuclear war).

If we think we are a label then we are really lost in one big manipulative mind game. That makes us all mushrooms being fed horse you know what! It seems that humans have been a part of this now and throughout human history.

I remember reading about a large meeting where people were asked to describe who they were. While it’s funny (sadly so) some gave their zip code, address, or their Social Security number!. One person said that they were their name or a person just trying to make it in the world. Some said married, divorced, mother, father, or single.

So who and what are we really as in reality?

The answer is that we are a child of God that was created with a soul and spirit. So what is a soul? A soul has the following possessions and attributes. A mind, intellect, memory, and self-awareness. Our souls were created with many of the same attributes of the Creator. That is the ability to love and to love from a will. To choose, to observe, and create. To actually get down to the actual description of who we are and what we are, you would have to say that we are a small part of God!

So God took some of the most wonderful things HE is (remember He is – I AM) and gave that part of Himself and placed it in our souls. Remember God addresses Himself to us as I AM! Because God the Creator is immortal so are we as we are a precious most wonderful part of Him. We then are the most wonderful thing that God has ever created! What is the value of a soul? It is as priceless as anything ever created.

To make this perfect, God gave us free will. Free will is a test. It’s what you use your free will for is the test. To pass the test is simple. The answer to the test is that we use our free will for LOVE.

So if we look at what we really are and compare it to what the existing world wants to make us think we are, there is this huge black and white canyon of difference. Our world as most people perceive it is really a lie. it is like the movie the matrix. It’s a manufactured reality of lies and propaganda. It’s mind control and it has been working on us for almost all our lives. It’s a creation to control and abuse us. It’s there for the few who want everything even our souls.

Remember that you are a part and breath of God the Creator. You are not a label but the most precious thing ever created. You were created to be happy, loving and a creator in your own domain. God the Creator made the whole universe for you. It belongs to you, not some egotistical tyrant. It belongs to all of us. Every bit and atom of it. it’s yours and not some government, leader, king, or queen are any of those most stupid people we have sold our souls to for a piece of bread or a bit of perceived freedom. You are as free as God the Creator who made you. Now is the time to claim what is ours. That ours is everything. We know that as we know who and what we are.

One last thing.

What does God get out of this? God wants joy. He wants you to be His joy. Here is how He receives this joy (Love). The created creature realizes what God has given us when HE creates our souls. From that realization loves God back for this great gift. That is the Joy and love God the Creator gets for creating you. Yes, you can pay God back! Who is the Creator? it’s the Trinity. Father Son and Holy Spirit. Three distinct persons united in one great powerful and infinite will.

Dennis – a child of God – living and loving in Central Texas

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