Who will pay for it?

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Here are some of my it’s. You may have your own list. These are:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Pedifeolia
  • Child abuse and sacrifice
  • Banks own your money and can gamble with it
  • Little or zip interest paid on savings
  • 25% interest rates
  • Pornography
  • Addictive drugs
  • Destruction of the family
  • Moral decay
  • Abortion
  • Transgenderism
  • Stupid Woke thing
  • Destruction and purge of our military
  • Destruction of our small businesses
  • Tracking by companies like Google and others
  • NSA tracking of everything digital.
  • Federal Reserve that is not federal and has no reserves
  • Destruction of the value of gold and silver.
  • IRS
  • Taxes
  • Homeland Security
  • Voting fraud
  • Corrupt judicial system
  • Corrupt Administration
  • Corrupt elected officials
  • Corruption of most of our local administrators
  • Police corruption and abuse of power
  • Medical tyranny
  • Corrupt hospital administrators
  • Huge amounts of vaccine deaths and injuries and the destruction of immune systems.
  • Forced vaccination
  • Vaccine passports
  • Stupid face diapers (masks)
  • Destruction of our children and corrupt teachers and school boards.
  • Destruction of our production of goods by shipping most to China for slave and low wages and our technology.
  • Totally corrupt High Tech companies involved in telecommunications, food, drugs, and medications.
  • Corrupt three-letter federal organizations.FBI, CIA.FDA, FCC. NSA and many others.
  • Suppression of voices by death or financial or media warfare.
  • Corrupt voting systems, people, and equipment
  • Destruction of states by taxes, laws, or neglect.
  • Destruction of small businesses caused by illegal mandates and lockdowns.
  • Pollution of the youth using social media and printing of money at the federal level.
  • Inflation
  • Destruction of our food supply and coming food scarcity.
  • Destruction of our equipment and parts infrastructure
  • Destruction of our systems of fertilizer creation and availability.
  • Manipulation and taxing farmers
  • Pushing an unstainable Green energy system
  • Making meat and meat products expensive and evil.
  • Pushing of non-meat vegetable-based products
  • Huge amounts of air, water, and land pollution
  • Plastic and more plastic
  • Dangerous 5G rf radiation
  • Continuous attacks on free speech
  • Continuous attacks on the 2nd. Amendment
  • Geoengineering of our climate and weather
  • Continuously pushing global warming and CO2 agendas.
  • Agenda 2030
  • The Great Global Reset
  • Build back Better
  • life-saving drugs made expensive or illegal
  • Life-saving drugs demonized
  • Big pharma can kill you with their experimental vaccine and in no way are liable for any of it.
  • Suppression of adverse effects of the virus jab.
  • Demonizing oil, gas, and coal
  • Demonizing un-vaccinated people
  • Denying un-vaccinated people access to food or medical services
  • The slow destruction of the dollar
  • Abusive presidential powers
  • The pushing of a new cold war between Russia and the US

All the above is not just happening in the US but is global. So the question is when are all the global citizens going to get tired of all the above and do something about it? My answer is that eventually, we will have to do something, and when that occurs, we will all face a decision. Who is going to pay for all this? We cannot go into a new world with those that push all the above and have any expectations of happiness.

But I suggest that the universe will take care of all this in one gigantic explosion that will be really painful. It will completely destroy civilization and we will work our way through what is coming. Many won’t make it because of what all the above has done to society. That is the reason for the Blog name. Who will pay for the complete destruction of society?

It’s being done on purpose out of hate, greed, and lust for power. But hate, greed, and lust for power can’t go on forever and always end in the destruction of society or even of the world as it was known at the time. That is what we are looking at right now. Those people who are pushing the Great Global Reset are insane to think society would somehow be sustainable in what they want to do. All of this will collapse into a great river of pain and they in their greed for power will start the destruction as our financial systems destroy themselves. But that is not the end as I said the universe is just sitting there watching and slowly doing its own thing.

The Universe is not good or evil.

The universe is just that, the universe. It was made in all its glory which is a reflection of its maker. As you know this site is my personal attempt to follow and warn those who will listen about the coming Grand Solar Minimum which I think is a SUPER one. But it does not stop there with the cooling earth and a possible ice age, but with something even worse, That worse is the geophysical attempt by the earth to flip its magnetic poles. As I have said multiple times the earth’s magnetic poles are probably down by 25% and getting weaker by the day. It is suggested by some that we may be looking at a quickening of this weakening as it is getting faster and faster as time elapses. At some point, this weakening will really accelerate.

Perhaps we can punish and eliminate those who work against humanity and somehow get through all this and survive. But I have this deep-felt sorrow that things will just keep going on as they are now. Eventually, the beer and pizza will run out, and then the fun begins.The only other options are a failure or creating communities of like-minded brothers and sisters who will make a new society on the other side.

Thank you for reading this blog. I really think we have little time to prepair for what is in the headlights and its not a large moose I ran into when I was in Canada!

Dennis in Central Texas



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