Who Will Win?

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If you look at the scale, there is not much to get excited about when it comes to human life. Both boxes contain certain death and destruction. One by the globalist and the other by nature and the universe. I suspect that the globalists will and have already started this death and destruction and the universe will finish it off. In the end, if you are a Christian you know how it plays out and ends. Yes, God and his most loving and faithful humans win. Both the death of our masters and the very evil globalist agenda end up in a pit of eternal fire. The nasty part is that almost 8 billion people will soon have to go through this and not many will come out of the other end alive.

Perhaps I am a very weird person, but I have been waiting for this all my life. Yep, I guess that is really weird, but I am really glad to see this and see this through even if it means I will not see the other side. The reason I get excited about all this is that I have an opportunity to save my family and hopefully in the end many souls who will spend eternity enjoying in an intimate way all that our Eternal and All-Powerful God is. That’s an amazing reward.

I often dream about what that might be like. Me I am hoping for my own universe filled with those I love. Billions of stars and things to see and do and all of it will reflect like the moon reflects the sun, the glory of God. I like that dream, and you blog reader are the first ones I have ever spoken about it.

There are signs in the sky and in our politics and in the things we are experiencing right this moment. It is getting pretty obvious that many of our ?leaders? have sold out to Lucifer for money and power. It’s a Death Cult and it gets more obvious by the day. The English-speaking world has sold its soul already with the jab and masks and shutdowns and the truth being persecuted by the likes of our ?Elete? who have their hand in Satans till as well.

If you are agnostic or don’t believe in a creator, I suspect that my paragraph about sounding weird would fit right into your thoughts. At one time I thought much like Jefferson who was one of the founders of the US. He believed in a god, but his god just sat there doing nothing and watching his pitiful creations do what they do. The problem with this is I would use my own will to “do what we do“. That way I could make up my own laws, feel good about what I did or wanted to do as long as it didn’t hurt anyone. Things were just good or bad in my world, not in others or in Gods. All this leads to a distorted world in a physical and moral sense. If you look out there in the world today, that is much of the thinking of most of the population of the earth.

Not having a moral compass, leads to all sorts of distorted things like we are seeing now. Nothing has a footing when things go wrong.

Follow the science is a statement I have been hearing. The problem is whose science? It is a science that is based on opinion or rock-hard facts backed by research? Is it the science of hearsay and politics or is it out in the open and available to be looked at?

Lately, I am hearing things that if you push against vaccination that you should be locked up, fined, killed, or kept from leaving your house or purchasing food. All of this is leading to that box on the Left-Hand Side of the scale in the graphic.

Then there is global warming and that people are warming and harming the planet. That pig or cow is a dirty thing causing excess CO2 and even may be a virus carrier. While I believe that people are harming the planet, CO2 has nothing to do with it. All of this is propaganda and its sole purpose is to not let anyone see the Right Hand Side of the scale.

If you saw the Right-Hand Side you would stop “doing what we do”, and start preparing for what is headed our way. People are waking up and the globalist have now pushed the BIG RED START BUTTON. It’s so obvious. This awakening is happening across the earth. People are now seeing the agenda – yes the agenda and the globalist are worried.

Global Reset Start Button


So what is the agenda? I suspect that the graphic below petty well spells out the agenda. The globalists have been promised eternal life as gods by Lucifer and they worship and believe him. Little do they know that he is the father of lies and absolutely hates humans. As in Mr. Smith in the Matrix, humans are smelly and stink. Anything good and pure and made by God he wants to destroy. Why? There is no salvation for him. He will suffer in hell for eternity and really really wants to take you with him.

His time is short and the big red button has been pushed.

What can we do? This blog is about what we can do.

All the things on the Right-Side of the scale you can prepare for.

All the things on the Left-Hand side of the scale you can run from.

Along with placing our souls in the hand of God and preparing, we must all go through this.

Well, that is all for this blog. As the magnetic field continues to get weaker and weaker, now is the time to get ready for what this will cause. I suspect that during the 11-year solar cycle, the sun will take out the grid. As the earth’s magnetic fields diminish, this will take smaller and smaller solar storms to do this. All the above is pretty gloomy even by my standards, but is knowing much better than sitting in your “Where Ever” and wait for someone or the government to come to your rescue? It’s a dream dreamed by the masses. It’s a dream caused by the “do what we do” thing. Now is the time to look after yourself.

Wishing you all the best of everything from Central Texas. Today’s high here was a global warming 87. The blistering heat of 87 was mind-bending so I turned up the air conditioning – Not!

As always:
Get some seeds
Start a garden
Look after those who you love like friends and family
and finally – Look after those less fortunate who have less than you do. Remember that they are your neighbors.



High of 81 Here Today! – and low nineties for mid-August. GSM anyone?

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