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Wokie 1

Wokie 2

Wokie 3
Wokie 4
Wokie 5
Wokie 6
Wokie 7
Wokie 8

Have a nice day, and Merrychristmas – Jesus is the reason for the season. The sad thing about all of the above 8 wokie pics is that there is some thruth in all of them. Even more sad is that it is getting worse. Hell is on its way. Get ready. Enjoy this Christmas as it may be the last one we can enjoy.

Get some seed.
Grow a Garden.
Take care of your family and neighbors.
Look after those that are in need and have less than you do.
Love God above all things.

Dennis in Central Texas – Email rfradio@xmail where x=g

PS- There are free jabs at Wallmart. See what they want to do to you?

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