World Gone Crazy

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F.D.A. Grants Full Approval to Pfizer-BioNTech Covid Vaccine

Note: The above did happen, but they did not approve the death jab everyone is receiving. That still is an experimental vaccine (which is not a real one). The press ran with that headline hoping people would say “Hey it’s now approved – let’s Go Take it”!!



What amazes me is that this may eventually kill everyone in my family.

At the moment only my wife and I have not taken the kill shot. This really upsets me, but my family looks at me as some type of crazy person. I would hate to see all of them die one-bye-one. Even worse my wife is considering getting the jab. This could possibly expose me to a world where God is my only friend! Well, perhaps a few others.

When Afghanistan fell, my wife cried. She cried for the thousands of men and women who died there and their families. A mother raises her children only to see them brought home dead and what for? In this case nothing.

The words from my mind to the keyboard slowly type out these words:


Can you feel what families are feeling after seeing all this? Can you feel their pain? Just as bad are all the injuries by those who served. 20,320 American service members have also been wounded in action during the war. In addition, there were 1,720 U.S. civilian contractor fatalities, for a total of 4,096 Americans killed during the war.

Isn’t that just wonderful?

Well, not all there was lost (perhaps the poppies) but then there are the billions of dollars spent there the last 20 years which lined the pockets of arms manufacturers and arms dealers. It goes much deeper than that. If you look at the history of Afghanistan then you would just shake your head. I won’t even use the words up in my head about this country and its history.

But are things any different? The first murder was “Cain killed Abel”, but before that our original parents sold out to the father of all lies Satan. It’s been downhill from there as we get better and better at killing each other. The jab is just a cheaper way than a billion-dollar bomb-dropping aircraft. Well I know in the back of my mind are the words “That’s just stupid”, but it seems we are all stupid for putting up with all of this for thousands of years.

Good book title: “We were Stupid for Thousands of Years“. How mankind became a killing machine. Available as a paper book or digital copy at Amazon!

When will we ever learn? Go to this post.

I am in a crappy mood this morning, even mad. That crappy mood and perhaps madness tightened up my muscles and focused my mind. That thought and feeling developed the following words which you see right here in black and white text.

I am tired of all this crap.

I am tired of being pushed along, lied to, financially raped, and… and… well you know I am sure.

Ronald Reagan once wrote and stated in his California inaugural address:

“Freedom is a fragile thing and it’s never more than one generation away from extinction”.

Wow is that true? Have you met many of the “one generation” lately?

OH, they are our children

or you may be one of that “One Generation”. Don’t you see the world and your world going into the crapper?

But it gets worse with this virus thing and the kill shots and the locks down and on top of all this, food growing is probably down globally by 30% and food prices are up as much as well.

Australia, France, New Zealand, and the UK (Canada not far behind) have gone over the edge. Want to see what the US will look like soon? Well just look about at the all above. It will be much worse here in the US as we have the means to protect our bodies and rights. The US will probably be the last to go over that proverbial edge. Then that’s when the whole world will go down the drain.

Iraq and Syria and Iran and the western united states are running out of water. China is being washed away. Russia is burning up litterly on one side and awash with water on the other. And then the US grain harvest for this year will just barely be enough that is unless some globalist sells it all to China (I suspect they will). There will be no surplus. “God has left the building” and HE is not coming back until we all get on our knees, ask for forgiveness and then do something.

Yep, the doom and gloom guy is at it again, but reality can sometimes be very gloomy and even deadly. This time I think it’s deadly.

Have a good day if you can – I am going to try, but it’s not looking good.

Get some seeds
Start a Garden
Stock up for the coming storm – Soon little or limited food at grocery stores.
Look after your family and friends
Help those who have less than you do.


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